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Azure Vista Geral
Janeiro 2024

Addsolid is building Azure Estoril with houses costing at least 2.1 million.

The company that is investing 30 million euros in Quinta da Freixeira, in Loures, is the developer of a luxury residential development in Cascais with prices ranging up to 2.9 million.

Aimed at the "premium" segment and scheduled for completion next summer, the values of each of its seven villas (five T4 and two T5) vary between 2.1 million and 2.9 million euros.

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July 2023

At the beginning of June, the "Pau de Fileira" took place, a construction event that represents the completion of the structure of the Azure Estoril villas.

AZURE 20 Julho1
Montisnavia 074
June 2023

On May 13 and 14, Addsolid took part in the Open House Lisbon event, organized by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

We had the pleasure of giving several tours of the Montisnávia development, guided by Atelier Antonio Costa Lima Arquitetos, to various visitors who joined us. We thank everyone for their presence and for their interest in the Montisnávia development.

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May 2023

Due to its high level of concern for sustainable development, the Quinta da Freixeira community was designed to fit into the "15-minute city" model.

We provide all services and commerce at a distance of just 15 minutes, meeting the day-to-day needs of our residents and eliminating the need for longer commutes.

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May 2023

The final details are being implemented to ensure the quality of the finishes in the Monstinávia apartments.

Follow the progress of the project on our social networks and keep up to date with all the news.

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April 2023

Work on the Azure Estoril development continues to progress and this development already stands out in its urban surroundings.

Follow the progress of the project on ADDSOLID's social networks.

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April 2023

Work on the Montisnávia development is getting closer and closer to completion.

Through our social networks you can follow the development of this project, designed by architect António Costa Lima.

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March 2023

The Azure Estoril villas include a set of sustainable strategies that promote natural lighting and ventilation and make the most of their energy consumption.

Azure esquema iluminacao
February 2023

As a result of its innovative concept, the project for Quinta da Freixeira provides for compliance with 8 of the 17 principles for Sustainable Development defined by the United Nations.

Also as a result of our commitment to social and environmental sustainability, this development is certified by the LiderA system with a high performance class in the pursuit of sustainability.

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January 2023

Construction is underway and the Azure Estoril development is beginning to stand out in its urban surroundings.

With its minimalist lines, open spaces and excellent sun exposure, this exclusive development, with just seven villas, rises in the continuity of the Jardim do Pinhal de Santa Maria, on Avenida do Lidador, enjoying a unique horizon of gardens and sea.

Each residence has its own gardens, private pool and rooftop lounge, where you can enjoy the panoramic view over the historic area of S. João do Estoril to the bay of Cascais, breathing in the tranquillity and sea air.

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AddSolid EventoNatal 13 web
December 2022

Christmas is here and we're ready to welcome the most special time of the year. We wish all our staff, clients and partners a Merry Christmas.

December 2022

A development of excellence is about to open in Loures, Quinta da Freixeira.

It represents an investment of around 30 million euros and has the capacity to create more than 200 direct jobs. The allotment project was designed by the architecture and urban planning studio MASSlab, was submitted for licensing last April and the work is expected to start in 2023.

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QdF 00 i2 web
November 2022

AZURE ESTORIL In full development.

Construction of the AZURE Estoril development is progressing day by day. This contemporary architecture project, by the Extrastudio studio, was designed by architects João Ferrão and João Ribeiro, resulting in an exclusive development, with only seven villas, which rises in the continuity of the Jardim do Pinhal de Santa Maria, on Avenida do Lidador, and enjoys a unique horizon of gardens and sea.

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Novembre 2022

QUINTA DA FREIXEIRA : L'intervention de MASSlab le 14 octobre lors du cycle de conférences Concreta 2022 a été un véritable succès.

Alors que l'on estime que d'ici 2030, une personne sur cinq vivant en milieu urbain souhaitera s'installer à la campagne, l'architecte Diogo Rocha, auteur du projet Quinta da Freixeira, a expliqué comment ce développement permettra de vivre une expérience hors de la ville qui plaira aux citadins actuels.

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AzureEstoril 31 Outubro2 web
October 2022


The villas offer a garden with an infinity pool, in a gesture of continuity with the adjacent green park, transporting this ambience to the interior spaces through large glazed openings.

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October 2022

MONTISNÁVIA: It's never been easier to be in touch with nature!

Combining the architectural sophistication of the new building with the elegance of the rehabilitation of the existing palace, this development allows the perfect union between city and well-being! Enjoy this unique combination and discover all its advantages.

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QdF 8 outubro
October 2022

"IN THE FIRST PERSON" - Talk at the Concreta 2022 Conference Cycle (Exponor, October 13-16)

On October 14, at 3:30 p.m., the MASSlab studio will take part in a talk on "Sustainability in Projects", presenting first-hand the QUINTA DA FREIXEIRA project, a development promoted by ADDSOLID with architecture and urban planning by this studio.

It will be an opportunity to learn more about the shared vision we have with the MASSlab studio that the sustainability of our cities involves a multidisciplinary approach that makes architecture, infrastructure and urbanism compatible, in a desire to get closer to nature, safeguarding the preservation of the environment and strengthening society.

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October 2022


Specially aimed at Office, Commercial, Services and Restaurant spaces, we currently have more than 8,000m2 under management to house and boost our clients' businesses. Inaugurated on April 15, 2022, the WHFT Hostel represents one of our main clients within this type of business! Located in the center of Lisbon, it represents one of the best accommodation options in the city.

September 2022

CASTELO BRANCO SARAIVA recently had its architectural license approved by Lisbon City Council.

It offers 14 apartments of types T0 to T3 Duplex and will contribute to the revitalization and enrichment of the urban landscape and experience of Bairro de Santo António, in Penha de França.

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September 2022

AZURE ESTORIL: A dream development in an excellent location! It has minimalist lines, open spaces and excellent sun exposure.

September 2022

Designed with those who promote their well-being in mind, those who believe in the symbiosis between work and nature, and those who are looking for a natural habitat rather than a house

August 2022

Azure Estoril, a dream development in an excellent location!

Work on the Azure Estoril villas is underway and is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2023.

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QF 02
JULY 2022

Quinta da Freixeira, a sustainable development

With an innovative and internationally renowned project, Quinta da Freixeira offers a revitalizing landmark for Loures, based on a concept of sustainability from an environmental, ecological and social point of view.

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MAY 2022

Work on the Montisnávia development in Alcântara is progressing at a good pace and here we share a short summary of the last 4 months!

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